SEMASA Services Sdn. Bhd. 197801004124 (41127-A) (abbreviated as SSRV) has been recognized for its ability to provide high quality Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services since its incorporation. Our core business is providing building maintenance and related services to both corporate and commercial office buildings, manufacturing facilities, as well as to health care and educational facilities. Our proprietary operational capabilities enable our clients to maintain a consistent, clean, safe and healthy working environment while managing costs.

We have over 41 years of experience and excellent track record in Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) service, and currently managing various high profile building within the Greater Kuala Lumpur. We provide building maintenance and related services to both corporate and commercial office buildings, manufacturing facilities, as well as to health care and educational facilities. Structured strictly to follow the quality standards of visual control method, systematic maintenance approach and safety procedures, we continuously strive to reduce and gradually eliminate any unplanned breakdown of equipment and facilities while increasing the safety awareness of the maintenance staff and most importantly, the facility users.

Our capability through experience and competent personnel allow us to deliver high quality and cost effective service to our client. Besides, our service delivery is accustomed to assured implementation of advanced technologies, products, systems or reports which underscore our commitment to excel and to be in line with Industrial Revolution 4.0. Our comprehensive service is designed based on client or the building’s needs to ensure the client enjoy a peace of mind. To date we have customized international and global standard of service to meet the local standards and as a benchmark for the management of the facilities.

It is interesting to note that SEMASA Services is the first Facility Management Company in Malaysia certified to ISO 41001:2018 (Facility Management System). Besides, we also awarded with 4 Star rating by CIDB SCORE program and other business achievement awards such as Golden Bull Award 2019 (Outstanding SME) and Platinum Business Award 2019 (SME Rising Star).

Maintenance of Civil, Structural and Architectural Facade

  • Renovation works – painting (both internal/external)
  • Reactive & corrective repair works
  • Interior decoration, office work stations, partitioning, signboards etc.
  • Civil related works – replacement of tiles, carpet, cladding, panels etc 

Support Services

  • Administrative support

  • Asset management

  • Utilities/Energy Management System

  • Project management

Technology, Energy & Engineering

  • Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) systems
  • Plumbing and sanitary system including pumps

  • High tension (HT) electrical services – HT switchgears/HT transformers

  • Extra low voltage systems – BAS; CCTV; PA system; turnstile; watchman clock; telephone systems

  • Low voltage (LV) electrical services – LV switchgears; standby generator sets; distribution boards

  • Lighting, power points, lighting protection and earthings

  • Fire protection system

Operation & Comprehensive Maintenance of M&E System

  • Records and visual control, the M&E workforce aims to reduce and eliminate unplanned breakdowns of equipment and facilities while increasing the general safety of facility staff as well as building users.
  • Consultation for any M&E works
  • Design work for all related installations⦁ Testing and commissioning of any new installations
  • Routine surveillance
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance systems – Building and equipment
  • Conditional monitoring